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Interesting how we spend so much time in life learning subjects in university, spending time mastering our job, looking after others, when really… it should begin with understanding who we are. Ramya allows us to search through the different layers of evolution to uncover our many secrets or repressed information. I strongly recommend her classes for everyone, even if you think you don’t need it!


For about 10 years now,  I have allowed myself to be guided and inspired by Ramya’s classes. At every turn, I am touched by the depth and simplicity of the path on which we walk. Many of the classes I took with her inspired revelations in my own growth. I have slowly learned the language of the energy that surrounds us. The classes have definitely transformed the way I look at the world and the ways I relate to it and to others.


What makes Ramya’s workshops so great is her authenticity. She is so down to earth, so ego-less, it allows her students to connect with what they truly feel and the powers that they innately possess. Her language communicates both the sacredness and the accessibility of what she teaches.

Hugely empowering.
Hugely inspiring.


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